Improve Times


  1. If you are just beginning sport stacking, start on the floor with your Speed Stacks placed directly in front of you, check out our learn to stack page for a full tutorial.
  2. Always keep stacks close together to create a solid base for your pyramid. In fact, let your cups touch in your pyramid.
  3. Use a light touch, don’t be heavy-handed. Lift with a light grip. Try not to squeeze the cup; let gravity do the work.
  4. If you lead with your right hand (if it feels best to use your right hand first) that hand should pick up the top cup.
  5. Alternate your lead hand. Practice leading with one hand and then the other. Switch to increase ambidexterity.
  6. When handling the cups, your hands should be positioned on the sides of the cups, never over the tops of the cups.
  7. Separate the cups from one another using your fingers, resting the last (or bottom) cup on your pinky finger.
  8. Stack in a circle – that means, use a circular motion with your hands and arms instead of back and forth.
  9. Never pass a cup from one hand to another. Use both hands at the same time