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Sport Stacking is a great addition to any school to introduce into your PE lessons.

We offer event day’s, taster days and demo’s, lifetime warranty on equipment, online and printed curriculum and student group orders.

Sport Stacking has grown into a dynamic activity to help students learn and succeed.

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  • Our assemblies are a fantastic way to show what sport stacking is to the whole school. Our assemblies last approx. 20 minutes, are fun and have audience participation from both pupils and teachers.
  • We have found where schools are looking to introduce sport stacking as a new activity an assembly is a great way to do it. It has an immediate impact and the children and staff, leave the assembly enthusiastic and wanting to try it.
  • We can deliver assemblies as a stand alone session or to introduce sport stacking at the beginning of an event day. We welcome parents too and are happy to run a session for parents so they know what their children are so enthusiastic about when they come home.
  • As we are a small team and spread across the country, if you school is 20 miles from one of our team, then we may ask you to help us book in other schools near you so we would come and deliver a day of assemblies in your area.

Event Days:

  • Taster sessions for each class. We work with classes for about 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the school. We teach the basics of sport stacking and have the children take part in a variety of activities.
  • Introduction to competition. We teach the basic 3-3-3 stack and provide the opportunity to set times. These times are left with the class teachers and children can then try to beat their times at a later date. This is a great activity for personal challenge.
  • House Competition. Classes split into teams and take part in a variety of races and challenges. From individual stacking routines to relays, everything can be covered. Points can be awarded to give a winning house per class.
  • Level one competition day with 3-3-3 and 3-6-3. Children set times for the different routines and we give out certificates to the top three children in each class. Children need to sport stack prior to this competition.
  • Parent/Child sessions. Parents are invited to work alongside their children. It is a fun introduction to stacking and can include both formal stacking and fun activities.

Sports Days:

  • Introduce sport stacking as one of your sports day or School Games day activities and have one of our team come and along and help.

To book an event day and for up to date pricing, please contact Di Baker –

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Use our handy and simple videos and guides to be able to teach sport stacking!

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