Tournament Display Pro


The Speed Stacks Tournament Display Pro (TD Pro) plugs into the StackMat Timer and shows the stackers time in large illuminated digits that are visible up to 100 feet away.

The Tournament Display is recommended for all Sport Stacking programs. Imagine the excitement when the whole crowd sees the stacker’s time AS IT HAPPENS!

Automatically displays three decimal place data when connected to a StackMat Pro Timer or two decimal place data when connected to the original Gen 2 Timer.

New lighter-weight design uses (8) AA batteries* and a screw on battery door to prevent tampering.

The Tournament Display Pro will run for approximately 32 hours of actual continuous use when using standard alkaline batteries. It will run even longer if premium lithium type batteries are used.

Speed Stacks Timers turn off after five minutes of non-use and the TD Pro also turns off when the Timer does. These auto-off features make the effective operating life even longer, since it’s common for there to be frequent breaks when using a TD.

Can be powered by batteries or an AC adapter (included).
Improved mounting pole design works on almost any type of table.

Product Details:

Tournament Display
Versitile clamp

Storage/Carrying Box

Note: Only compatible with timers that have a data port

*Batteries not included.