Virtual Sport Stacking Competition

We are delighted to bring you our Virtual Competition packs which can be used for all age groups. We have two competition packs available, a beginners one for those who are new to stacking and an intermediate pack for experienced stackers.

The packs have been written so they can be used for a

  • Level 1 Competition
  • Level 2 Competition
  • Personal Challenge

The packs are flexible to use so schools can choose to do as many or few of the events as they want and they can be done at anytime, so, for example, after teaching a specific routine the children could then do that event as a level 1 competition or personal best challenge.

The packs include a results sheet for teachers to use. Each event has it’s own page and is very straightforward. Once the times have been added, all you have to do is write the fastest time in the appropriate column and the spreadsheet will rank the results for that particular event.

There are also some resource cards which set out the instructions of how to stack for each event. These can easily be printed off and laminated to give to the children to follow.

Many School Games Organisers (SGO), are using Sport Stacking as a Level 2 competition. For more information please contact your local SGO.

If there is anything we can help you with please do not hesitate to get in touch.